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premium lenses included

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The perfect photochromic glasses for everyday life.


Mid-light (30-180 seconds)

Bright Sun (60-300 seconds)

The photochromic lenses constantly adapt to all light situations for better vision, comfort and protection. Take control of your light.

Online store of prescription glasses 

There is the great work of a global company behind a simple process of manufacturing and delivering glasses:

  • a team of engineers and designers is responsible for the development of frames, from the drawing to the mass production;
  • Our beautiful and affordable frames are manufactured on various production lines, for example, frames made of metal or many other types of plastic;
  • we produce more than 100 models of fashionable eyeglass every season so that in our catalog there is a good selection of male and female glasses for sight;
  • the laboratory provides the production of more than 5000 glasses per day by cutting the lenses of different diopters in the frame selected by the client in the catalog of frames;
  • We quickly deliver prescription glasses to our customers around the world directly from our factory.

Thanks to this approach, our customers receive high-quality glasses for better vision and save up to 70% of the usual price. 

Perhaps the best place to order inexpensive glasses for vision with lenses premium

We have created a convenient system for ordering glasses on our website so that customers can easily pick up glasses, get expert advice online, and order glasses.

We have simplified the choice of lenses for glasses and now the price does not depend on your prescription - our customer gets the opportunity to buy inexpensive glasses, regardless of the parameters of the recipe.

We are glad that having bought glasses from us, the client becomes doubly happy, with new glasses and inexpensive purchase. Try it!