Many people can agree that our modern society must develop in more sustainable ways. Especially how we produce and consume clothing, shoes, eyewear. OhSpecs has work in progress in the area of sustainability to encourage increased reuse and recycling in the eyewear production stages.
OhSpecs takes into account environmental and socio-economic aspects and works to improve the key stages of the product’s life cycle, from design to raw material production and buys, all manufacturing stages, transports, and final sale.
OhSpecs aims are to minimize the undesirable environmental effects of the life cycle of the eyewear production by ensuring efficient use of natural resources, exploring renewable energy sources, using recycled components.

Our prescription glasses, frames, are made of biodegradable acetate and mainly recycled steel. The cases are made out of recycled paper.

OhSpecs uses only cellulose acetate, made of by mixing a wood and cotton pulp, these are renewable resources and easily accessible in nature, neither chemicals no poisonous substances such as petroleum and phthalates are being used.

For metal glasses, we use mostly steel. Steel is a green product and 100% recyclable. The impact on nature is minimum when compared to other materials. Steel is one of the most eco-friendly eyewear materials and endlessly recyclable.

The prescription glasses packaging OhSpecs are also eco-friendly. It is made of recycled mix paper and has FSC-certification FSC-C 144 930.

At OhSpecs we love to shape the future. Each of the prescription glasses is made of eco-friendly materials. We aim to provide high-quality glasses that eliminate a negative environmental impact.