Shipping & Returns

Shipping policy.

Where do you ship to?
- We ship to Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Austria, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

How long will my order take?
- Your glasses will be reached you within 10 - 21 days

Since all glasses are made individually, the standard delivery time depends on the type of lenses:
1) Glasses with single vision lens will be delivered within 10-15 days;
2) Progressive transparent glasses will be delivered within 12-16 days;
3) Progressive photochromic glasses will be delivered within 14-19 days;
4) Tinted glasses with corrective lens will be delivered within 15-20 days;
5) Special glasses with very high powers (for example +28.00; -46.00 and so on) will be delivered within 18-21 days.

What shipping methods do you use?
- For all countries we ship via currier services.

Can I track my order?
- You will receive a shipping confirmation email and can check on the status of your order on a tracking page.

How much is shipping?
- We offer free shipping.

What do I do if a parcel with my glasses was damaged?
- Please contact us as soon as possible.

Returns and exchanges.

How do I ship my order back to you?
- Please contact us we will provide you with a return authorization details.
There are two options, 30-Day Fit & Style guarantee and 2-Year Product warranty.