OhSpecs was founded in Estonia by a team of professionals with the expertise and background of more than 25 years in the production, development, marketing of glasses and eyewear industry worldwide.

We use highly-efficient company-operated processing facilities.

We believe high-quality glasses should be accessible to all consumer groups. The traditional value chain has many links that can be eliminated (such as manufacturing fees, licensing fees, profit margin of distributors and commercial agents, storage of the stock, retail expenses, excessive logistics, and other enormous costs) by making glasses more accessible. We stand for conviction people must have access to the perfect vision in their daily life.

We managed to provide an affordable price and maintain the high quality of glasses thanks to our own factory with production lines for frames made of metal, hand made acetate and injection polymers, a robotic laboratory for glazing, a team of engineers and designers.

Our mission is always to help people by making quality eye care and glasses more affordable and accessible.

Our amazing robot machine with AI for acetate glasses production line.