Corporate Program OhSpecs

B2B Program OhSpecs

Adults spend more than 10 hours a day on digital screens, 80-90% of the day exposed to blue light!
Too much blue-light is linked to eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, sleep disruption.

During the COVID-19 remote work has brought many challenges, including managing eye strain from increased time on digital screens, it has also revealed the importance of our eye health.

OhSpecs provides corporate partners with access to the glasses and blue light-blocking lenses, encouraging the companies to take care of their employee.

Our corporate gifting program provides businesses with the ability to order glasses in bulk options with gifting codes for their employees and partners with quality protective blue-light blocking eyewear in an increasingly digital age.
The average adult now spends 75-90% of the day exposed to harmful blue light from screens, the blue-light-blocking glasses will be a key part of this program. Our lenses filter out blue-light and reduce digital eye strain, which impacts about 60% of the EU, helping users improve their sleep, enhance productivity and reduce headaches.

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