Premium prescription lenses

We offer an advanced range of high-quality lenses for prescription glasses. The assortment of lenses provides solutions for farsightedness (for reading), myopia (for distance) including astigmatism.

The standard price includes 1.56 premium lenses with free UV-protection, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective coating, the lenses are suitable for the Rx range +2.00 / -3.00.
The lenses are thin, the coating reduces glare, scratches, dust, dirt and 90% of reflections.

For strong prescriptions OhSpecs offers premium high-index lenses:
1.61 (the Rx range +3.00 / - 4.50);
1.67 (the Rx range +4.50 / -6.00).
The lenses with UV-protection, anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating, at the same time, are thinner and lighter up to 35%.

We offer the protection solution of your eyes with Blue Light Blocking lenses.
The lenses help your eyes by blocking out harmful blue light from digital screens and artificial light, and in some cases UV rays.

We have state-of-the-art lens processing capabilities company-operated production facilities. Our centralized optical laboratory handle all aspects of customizing eyeglass lenses and has digital capabilities for coating and edging to customer prescription and eyeglass frame specifications.